Capucino, more than ceramics. Capucino, a compound word integrates from 8 words: classic, aesthetic, popular, unique, creative, impressive, natural and original, which are the characteristics of capucino. Capucino, interprets elegance with product and infusing design into life.


In 2003, CAPUCINO team was founded in Italy. CAPUCINO has been involved in product R&D and successfully achieved an increasing growth in the sale volume and market coverage all around the world.

Capucino, a brand of tiles, embodies the elegant taste and the essence of life. Capucino was injected the rich Italian culture and abundant humanism in the Apennine peninsula, expanding from the Senna River to the Alps and spreading from the Caribbean to Sicily.


Capucino integrates the advanced lifestyles of humanity space from all over the world and accumulates
them in the brand culture.
This is elegance, the symbol of Capucino.



With rich experience in the industry, the management team of the company accurately grasped the trend of international fashion and caught the golden opportunity given by the government who conducted an adjustment against building ceramics industry and made a strong move into the Chinese market that is covering real estate, large office buildings, hotels, /Public/Home construction projects and other consumer groups. Besides, the company is dedicating to share with the Chinese consumers with the excellent ceramics culture and living style from the western world and help them build a high-quality, elegant and fashionable living space.

Taking the brand symbol with innovation, nature, comfort, simple, elegance, Capucino is always leading the trend of tiles in the domestic market. Capucino introduces high-quality products and lifestyle from Europe and the United States, but also infuses a new and strong power for promoting the upgrading of the building ceramics industry in China and driving it to connect the world.